Instagram and the power of social media


The convergence of technology has resulted into the production of smartphone devices which can easily take photographs in high definition while publishing it on social medias such as Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram within a short period of time. After some minutes, you can check the photographs so as to see if your family, friends, colleagues have shared, comment or like the photographs. This visual self-expression as well as sharing culture combines the power of three things:

  • Peopleโ€™s obsession with their phone
  • The engagement power of Instagram
  • The love of photos which seems to have been reinforced with the easy access to cameras through mobile device.

Most marketers have also realised for a long time the power of images so as to motivate and also engage people across the entire world. There are several business categories which can leverage social, mobile as well as photos so as to make their content contagious. Moreover, there is one very unassuming mobile app which emulate the simplicity of Twitter but is making its presence felt through the use of pictures. This application is Instagram. Instagram is a free photo sharing application which you can easily download to your smartphone device, the application allows you to take photographs, apply a filter and also share it on various social networking services so that it can be seen by a large audience. However, the use is not limited to posting pictures because the application can also be used for marketing products as well as services.

Instagram can be used for marketing different products as well as brands so as to enhance sales. For instance, if you are a famous โ€œchefโ€ and have your personal brand, you can create your brand on Instagram so that you would have followers. This will help you to reach out to a large number of audience and also make sales whenever you have new recipes or you finished makes some amazing dishes. This would also ensure your followers doesnโ€™t miss cooking shows as well as publications with the aid of visual online sharing. Another good example is StarBucks which is the largest brand of coffee on Instagram with more than 200,000 followers. This high numbers of followers makes it easy to push their products to the general populace thereby making bumper sales.

Tips for maximizing the benefit of social media

Below are some tips which would allow you to maximize the power of social media thereby making bumper sales:

  • Go and figure out what makes the social networking sites of your choice popular among its population. For example, you have the power of likes in Instagram while โ€˜hash tagโ€™ can easily move your business to the peak on Twitter.
  • Tailor fit your advertising campaign to a specific environment of the social networking site. For example, you can upload relevant images on Instagram so that users can like them, post short relevant tweets on Twitter and upload videos on YouTube.
  • Keep track of your advertising campaign by using relevant tools. There are various tools which are available for people who have created their fan or like pages. There are also tools on the internet which can be used to monitor the progress as well as success rate of your advertising campaigns.

Additionally, you can also buy Instagram likes so as to boost your followers thereby reaching a large number of audiences. This would help you to generate more sales while minimizing your stress, all that is required is to post photographs of your products and weโ€™ll get it across to thousands of users within a twinkle of an eye. What are you waiting for? Buy Instagram likes today and feel the amazing power of social media!

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