Buying YouTube Views: The real benefits


So, you’ve heard people talk about YouTube is the future of online marketing. Obviously, that’s a known fact. It is only rivaled by Facebook, Pinterest and Snapchat and Vine. According to HubSpot’s state of the inbound report, the aforementioned platforms had users who were more of a catalyst to this change.

What about it?

Tell me who doesn’t want to take advantage of a platform known to be the second largest search engine behind Google, and to crown it all, it is the third most visited site globally. Now you know why a lot of marketers around the world want to get their content on this amazing platform. But the real deal is neither about marketers coming on the platform to sell their content to the users, nor facts about YouTube which we already know of. For me, it is more about you! yes, you! one of the few main reasons you are reading this write up now is because you own a YouTube channel, and you’ve been looking for ways to grow your channel. You’ve asked yourself several times “do I need buy YouTube Views?”. Now, this is normal, who would not want to take advantage of every fact I’ve laid down before you? the only way to make it in this online marketing world is if you have “Subscribers”, yes. These guys will determine the path your channel will take, whether Northward or Southward.

Reasons why you need to buy YouTube Views

•    Traffic! Traffic!! Traffic!!!

Apart from having original content on your channel, one other way to drive traffic to your site is to buy view. Think of it this way; the number of views you have on each video you post is like having people who are helping you advertise your content and your able self. The Views act like a recommendation for others to come and watch your content. You can then use that opportunity to advertise your own brand.

•    It Enhances your Video Success.

To be an influencer in this industry, you’ve got to be popular. The only way to make a positive impact on your brand through your videos, if they aren’t getting any attention? Buying YouTube views means your video content will be noticed from the online users. That way, you can then spice things up using another marketing strategy.

•    You will also be at the top of search results.

Did you know that YouTube generates billions of visits every day? This is according to YouTube’s latest search results. If you hope to be top of search results, you have to be seen on tap search results.

How does that work? well, simply put, videos who’s got a high number of views get to be at the top of search results. This doesn’t only work for YouTube, Google does the same thing.

•    The case of Psychology of persuasion

Sometimes, when I go to YouTube to watch videos at random. There are some who have lots of views. At that point, you are tempted to want to view the video. That’s exactly how the psychology of persuasion works. One study shows that laugh tracks which are used by different comedy shows are played in the background to make people laugh. In short, social proof (which it is often called) is the belief that perception of many under any circumstances is usually the right one. Trust me, you don’t want to miss this chance. If you want to make it in this industry, you’ve got to be bold. In situations where you aren’t getting the attention you want on YouTube, it is time to get yourself some views.

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