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Last updated on 14 June 2018.

Welcome to!


Is it safe to buy likes and followers from

Yes, it is! We offer safe, secure & user-friendly checkout process with verified business PayPal payment gateway.


How to place an order correctly?

1. Simply register yourself providing your name and email address and choosing a password;

2. Once you have logged-in, you will be redirect into the Dashboard;

3. Top-up your account clicking on “Add funds”;

3. Click on “New Order”, choose which service and package you would like to buy and provide the link of your social network profile.


How can I pay for my package?

You can pay via PayPal.

Do you require my social network password?

No, simply just provide us a link or username of your social media profile/page.

Do I have to follow other users?

No, you do not have to follow any user, just sit back and watch your profile growing!

Why does my profile need to be public?

We kindly ask that our customers ensure that they make their profile public before they make a
purchase, this will ensure the full quantity of followers is delivered and received.

Why do I need social media marketing services?

Social media marketing has become very powerful over the past few years and our services are designed to help increase the social presence of you and your business. This increases your potential customer base and makes promoting your business or services easier.

Do you offer customized social services?

Yes, we do! For our regular customers we fulfil their needs. You can request a custom package through contact Us.

When will the service delivery start?

Some services, such as Instagram Likes, are instant after purchasing. Some other services may start within 24 hours. Please not that large orders may take longer to be delivered.


Are the fans real? Where do they come from?

For some services fans/followers are all real profiles. They come from the best circuits of growing followers by exchanging social interactions, featuring sophisticated spam and anti bot systems.

Many of the profiles are created by users exclusively for this type of circuit, so their profile may be inactive or not having a photo profile because they are used exclusively for this practice. In other cases, there are non-real profiles created by our suppliers and entered into a single-growth database so that they can interact. It is expressly specified in every service if followers and likes are real or not. It is important not to expect any kind of interaction, nor to expect a possible customer from these increments, but to understand it only serves to improve the visibility of the research.


Will fans or followers be active on my page or profile?

It depends on many factors. All the campaigns we offer are to be considered solely as inflating the actual number. It is possible, but not guaranteed, that in some cases people also interact with the page or profile. But those who buy must be aware that they will only get what is specified in the product purchased.


Are fans, followers, likes and views forever?

All fans, likes, followers, etc. will stay forever. However, there may be a decrease that in extreme cases can be up to 20%. Just send us an email at and, with no extra charge, we will re-start the campaign to re-align the lost fans/followers.

If I buy followers, likes or views, will my profile be suspended?

We have delivered our services and helped many clients to build their social media profiles. We have never had any reports of our services leading to a ban on any social media platform.


If I cannot get my order what will I have to do?

if your order is not delivered within 24 hours, simply contact us and our customer service will get back to as soon as possible.


Can I get back my money if you do not complete my order?

Yes, we will refund you. If we fail to complete your order you will get back your money.


How does the warranty work?

We always guarantee the number of followers, likes, views, fans achieved after the campaign.

At the time of purchase, you will receive an email containing the link to be added and the initial count of the followers. An item called TARGET will show the goal your link will need to get from the initial count, plus the amount of service you have purchased. If followers fall below this threshold, we are committed to reintegrating the followers to bring the profile over the target again.

For Pages, Profiles, and Videos that are falling but are still above target will not be reinstated.

You cannot verify whether a page or profile or video has been incremented in addition to those provided by us. For this reason, profiles that are above the target will not be reinstated. If a profile is below the threshold to be reached, the reinstatement will be made until the number of followers, likes, views, fans shown in the “target” entry is reached again.

For some services (where expressly stated) the warranty is not applicable or may be limited.


Limited Warranty

For some services, the warranty may be limited in time. In services where a maximum guarantee period is specified (ex.: “reinstatement guaranteed up to 60 days”), we will proceed to the reintegration of followers up to timing specified (ex.: 60 days after the order). After the timing specified (ex.: 60 days after the order) there will be no reintegration and no refund will be due if there is any drop.

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